Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 15, 2015-Very humbled and grateful

Her group email..

"Hola hola!!

How are you all?? This week has been great, I LOVE being out here and I thank the Lord every day for this opportunity I have to be here serving Him. 

So this past week, I wish I could just tell you the whole story of this week because it seriously has all been such a highlight!! BUT. So one cool thing that is going on right now.. The area where I was born into the mission (Springlake), which is in Reston, VA is holding a HUGE event called Police and Fire games and it is SO COOL there are 12,000 athletes from all over the world coming to compete and I guess it is just this huge event every year here in Virginia! Well, our Mission President got some more information about it and was able to set up some time that us as missionaries in our mission would be able to give some service and help out with that. So this past Saturday we spent 4 hours straight of just going in circles stuffing gift bags with tons of papers and flyers and coupons in them, and it was CRAZY but so fun! There were two zones, so about 50 something missionaries doing it and we got over 7000 bags filled!! I always wondered how those kinds of complimentary bags got filled for events like that, and man a lot of work goes into it! I didn't even realize!! It seriously makes me appreciate EVERY LITTLE THING that anyone ever does anymore!! As humbled as I have become on my mission, the closer I have been coming to my Savior through serving my fellow-men makes me even MORE humbled and grateful for everything in my life!! But yeah, so I've got some nice paper cuts down my fingers now.. but so worth it.. (Nothing compared to the scrape Lauren Thomas got this past week though.. shout out to Lauren, you're a trooper!! :)) 

Yesterday was a really awesome day too. We met a family who is just COMPLETELY prepared to have the gospel in their life, we are excited to be visiting them and sharing this joy we have come out here to share as missionaries with them!!

I know I don't talk a whole lot about what happened throughout the week, but there's just so much I could say it isn't even possible to give a recount of the things I have been experiencing here!! SO.. a lot of stories and things will just have to wait till I get home!! :)

Scripture of the week: Helaman 15:8.. "Therefore, as many as have come to this, ye know of yourselves are firm and steadfast in the faith, and in the thing wherewith they have been made free." 

That is the beauty of this gospel. It may seem like a restriction at first, all of the commandments and things that are expected of us, but once you have come to have more experiences you will realize how blessed you are form the decision you have made, and will literally be made free from the bonds of despair and guilt as you come to know your Savior and draw closer unto him. Trust me. I've tried it. And it works! :)

I love you all, keep being awesome, and do something nice intentionally for someone this week!! :)

Until next week!

Hermana Riddle <3"

Here is another little bit of info that she answered for me in the email that I got from her.

"My stomach is actually miraculously cured!! It's been great I don't think I've had any really bad days where it's terrible this transfer!! I've just been staying away form spinach 100%. Ha, on the food calendar the ward has set up for the missionaries they wrote NO ESPINACA on the page for us.. pshh ha :) 

The people in our ward are awesome!! Um.. active members, probably cover a drive across the area of 40 mins.. but it would take like 2 hours or more to probably to get to the outer extent of our area.. none of the Spanish missionaries have really ever been out there though.. it's ok though cuz there are English missionaries out in that area so if they find someone Spanish they could just refer them to us. The only reason it extends so far is because our ward is the closest Spanish ward to that area if someone were to want to go to church out there.. And YES our Ward Mission Leader, Javier Flores, and his family are moving to Utah in December!! I am SO excited! He is so awesome! SUCH a funny guy! You'll HAVE to meet him :) He didn't really say why but he is just super excited for it. Man I feel like it is every Hispanic Member's dream to live in Utah one day.. especially the ones that work close with the missionaries cuz practically all of us are form utah ha :)"

More pics from this week attached below:)  So fun to be able to get all of these!


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