Monday, September 14, 2015

TESTIMONY!!- Sept 14, 2015

Hey everyone!!

So this week has been super crazy with getting my companion ready to go home and all, but I am still learning so much!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!

With my companion going home, that obviously means we have transfers!! We will see what happens. Every transfer is seriously SO crazy, such a big change. I had NO IDEA until I came out on a mission that they were such a big thing.. like missionaries around the world have been doing this my whole life? Every transfer is like a new fresh start, almost like a new mission call. It is an opportunity to make new goals and to stretch to new capacities, pushing yourself further and further in the work and on the path that leads to eternal salvation!! It is a crazy ride!! So, we will see what happens within these next couple of days :)

I just want to take a moment to write you all my testimony on why I am grateful to be on a mission, because honestly this place is where I have grown and truly come to know my true self more than any other time or place in my life. 

I am grateful to be on a mission because I have the opportunity to share the gospel and strengthen my testimony in SO MANY ASPECTS as I strengthen that of others. I know that all the areas I serve in and all the people I meet and am working with are not by coincidence. I DON'T believe in coincidences!! The only thing I believe about "coincidence" is that it is a cliche phrase. Really, every "coincidence" occurs because God has a plan and He organized everything to fall into place to make it happen. God has it all set out, and as a mission being part of His plan for me, of course He is going to guide it! I know we meet different people for so many reasons, I know that all the people I meet have different problems and trials, and that I am here to learn that the atonement of Jesus Christ works for all of them. Not a select few. ALL. Jesus Christ paid the price. We are all TREASURES to him. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to represent him, to wear his name over my heart, right next to my name, everyday, and for the opportunities I am given as his representative to become more like him than ever before. This is a special opportunity for me. Not just anyone gets to be called as a missionary--God planned my life out in such a way that if I lived righteously I would be able to come serve a mission for Him and do His work here on earth. I earned my way here, (maybe not financially, but spiritually) through Christ's atonement, through all the experiences I have had leading me up to this moment as I am out here serving, and it is up to me to choose how I am going to treat this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to become more like him. Being Christ was not easy. I cannot even imagine/fathom going through what he did. My problems are SO miniscule compared to what he suffered, yet he STILL cares about me, as he does each and every one of you. I am grateful for the power and the mantle that has been placed upon me, to preach this gospel to the people here in DC, that I have been set apart with. I can feel it. My SOLE PURPOSE in my life at this moment is to do God's work, and invite others to come unto Christ. That is all I have to worry about--being and instrument in God's hands! What a blessing!!

I know that what Jesus Christ did can apply to all of you. I encourage you all this week to think of what Christ has done for you and write it down. Write down the things you are thankful for. Why you are grateful to be here. Why you are grateful to be in the circumstances you are in. As you do this you will find more happiness in your life!! Happiness that was already there, you just didn't see it!! Whenever I feel down, I just think of something to be thankful for, and keep listing in my head until I realize how truly blessed I am. 

Well, until next week,

Les quiero MUCHISIMO!!!
Hermana Riddle <3

So we had a zone service this past week on a farm.. ha it was super fun. We also found this spider right where we were working. I seriously thought I might die.

Here are a few other things she shared in her email to me...

"So we have two hermanas going home this transfer, and we don't have ANY new coming in until Febrero.. so um.. yeah, we are going to be down like 6 or 7 hermanas, but I guess our mission office called salt lake telling them to send more hermanas cuz we NEED some ((I imagine it as when Moroni was sending his strongly worded epistle to the government for more men haha..)) and they told us no. I guess we are only allotted 12 hermanas in our mission, and we are at 35% sisters in our mission and it has to go down to below 30%, I don't know why?? But yeah, so that is happening.. so with Hermana Evans going home too that means they will probably be shutting down two hermana areas because there just aren't enough of us.. so the spanish districts are going to start getting smaller... I hope they don't close down my area!! We will see what the Lord wants though... but yeah, so with that we really don't know what's going to happen with transfers it is going to be crazy. We don't find out till Wednesday night though president will send out a huge list of EVERYONE's assignments so yup, we will see!!"

Um, about being out almost a year...? What. Yeah, it doesn't feel like it has been that long... I really can't believe it.. that at this time last year I was preparing to LEAVE on my mission in a few weeks... time is Fah-ly-ing."


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