Friday, September 25, 2015

TRANSFERS!!- Sept 21, 2015

Hello hello all you beautiful children of God!!

This week we had transfers, and my compa Hna Moleli went home!! It was a really sad goodbye, but you know, can't be a full-time missionary forever. There's a time and a place for everything!!

So I am still here in Sudley, and my new comp is Hermana Christensen!! She goes home in October, so I am "killing" two in a row!! We are already having so much fun though so this transfer should be super great!! It is going to go by so fast, ahhhh!! Already has... :(

This week we have been able to visit a lot of people and we have seen miracles!! It is really weird, sometimes I forget I am a missionary! Like not like a bad thing, but like a good thing! I had SUCH a different idea of what a missionary really was before I became one haha. This mission has really become a part of my life, and it is so crazy to think and look back at how far I have come. This gospel can REALLY change a person!! 

I can honestly testify that we have a living prophet named Thomas S. Monson who leads and guides this church, from whom we are going to be able to hear in just a couple weeks!! Make sure you all go and listen to what he has to say! He holds a special power (the priesthood) and is a true messenger of what God would have us know at this point in time :) I know that through the power of the priesthood that he holds, that I have been called to serve a mission here in DC. I know that the reason I am here is by divine revelation!! I have been able to see it every day, and one thing I love that my mission president discussed to us was that "this is one of the most influential missions in the world. You were all called to be here for a reason. God knew you all had the power to change the world. What I mean by that is that whatever happens in DC tends to ripple out through the rest of the world."  Man, that is so true!! This area of the country really has a huge impact on the rest of the world!! That made me really feel like I need to step up my game even more and get this message OUT to every single person I possibly can!! You never know how big of an impact talking to one person can change the history for millions of people in the future! Like I always have said, God's plan is SO perfect. It is so meticulously set up I cannot even wrap my head around it.

Well, I am rambling now like always ha, and don't have much time left, but I leave you all with a challenge. Think about what kind of effect you want to have on the people you meet. Where and how will you leave YOUR mark? What kind of impact do YOU want to have on the world? Write it down, and make it happen!!!

I love you all so much, but I know God loves you even more!! Reach out to Him, humble yourself, and accept His divine help :)

Until next week, have a good one!!

Hermana Riddle <3

P.S. so we had the FUNNEST ward activity on saturday, and it reminded me a lot of fun extended family times where we would just go up to the mountains for a day or so and barbecue and have fun! It was really hard to not get on the lake but we survived!! Good times :)

Here are some other pictures that we have received in the past couple weeks that I haven't posted yet. The first one was taken the day before transfers.  We had a chance to talk to Hermana Moleli a couple of days ago through video chat and it was so fun to meet her.  It was great to talk to her about what her and Riah had been doing and also to just talk to her about the mission in general. What an awesome girl she is!  It was so nice to see the love and respect that they both have for one another. They will be forever friends!  Looking forward to seeing Hermana Moleli face to face soon and giving her a BIG hug!!

The last few pics (below) I believe were taken recently before transfers. We sent Riah an email about who we thought her new companion was and it appears that we guessed it right.  I am such a stalker mom...haha. But, it helps to have a missionary moms DC Facebook page so that us crazy moms and dads can collaborate:)  Here is what Riah said about transfers. 

"Ha yup! My comp is Hermana Christensen! That is funny cuz both of us were reading our emails at the exact same time and she was like reading the exact same words coming from her parents that were coming from you.. ha they were like, "who is your new companion? Is it Hermana Riddle?" and then explained the whole FB missionary mom thing too haha :) Yeah, Hna Mensinger got transferred, it was really weird and a shock cuz Hna Mugleston has been here for 5 transfers now!! Since April, one transfer before me! But it has been cool to be able to serve a good chunk of our missions together, having been in the MTC together ha :) They live in Centreville, so like 11-15 mins from our house depending on traffic :) So our district: Elder Gonzalez is training a new missionary, Elder Smith, and is our district leader. Elder Coburn came to be with Elder Justesen, then Hna Mugleston has Hna Craner now."


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