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Happy Ponderizing!!-Oct 12, 2015

"Hello everyone!!
So today I'm pretty short on time, but I just wanted to tell you all how amazing you all are!! I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family I have.. and YES if you are reading this that is YOU. :)

This week has been amazing, we have seen so many miracles!! Although we live in a world of confusion and chaos, we can still find peace, and that is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through this gospel and through His infinite Atonement we can do all things!! I can honestly testify that the more I have dedicated myself to the work that the Lord would have me do I am SO MUCH happier. I have found so much more peace as I avoid the "things of the world" and focus on the "things OUT of this world," if that makes sense? Haha :) 

So for those of you who watched general conference and know what the word "ponderize" means (80% ponder and 20% memorize), I would like to re-extend you the challenge that Devin G Durrant extended to us all to ponderize a scripture every week! It will make things a whole lot easier, I promise!! ((If you haven't seen/read the talk just highlight this website and go here:

My scripture for this week to ponderize is Moroni 9:6. "And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God."

What a beautiful promise!! Our souls will be at peace and we will be able to rest forever in God's presence after this life, if we will just labor diligently in the work of the Lord, and help everyone to recognize their full potential and divine worth :) I love finding promises of the Lord in the scriptures, and I love being a missionary.

Welll, It's time to go now, but take care and have a good one!

Happy ponderizing!! ;)

Hermana Riddle <3

PS we had nerf wars today for our zone activity.. it was pretty intense.."

We recently had the missionaries at our house to watch conference and one of them was in the Spanish program here in our area.  I asked him how he felt about learning Spanish in an English environment and if he felt that he been able to learn it well.  He told me that it was a little difficult here but that has been able to learn it just fine but that there is a lot of switching back and forth. So..I asked Riah how she felt her Spanish was and this was her response...

"Haaaa Spanish? I honestly feel like it could be better but that's how everyone always feels haha..  I have Spanish dreams, not all the time, and I think in Spanish not all the time.. I dunno, it's hard to explain because here you are so constantly back and forth between English and Spanish that you just have to learn to switch between the two "brains" quick if that makes sense!! Like at the beginning of my mission if someone was talking in Spanish and then went English or vice versa it was so hard for me to switch over and I just didn't understand one or the other! But yeah that's what a lot of people have said that an advantage of serving in the states is, is that you learn the language but you retain it a lot better cuz it's not a culture shock really and just becomes part of your life and isn't cut cold when you go home, like you can still think in both English or Spanish.. DEFINITELY though I will be speaking a lot of Spanglish when I get home cuz I can't tell you how many times I forget a word in English and can only say it in Spanish though.. haaaaa...." 

Here are a few other things that she shared in response to some questions that I had for her about her investigators...

"I don't really have tons of time but we have an investigator on date for baptism the 24th of Oct! Her name is_______ she is so cute!! And we will be putting some more dates on our investigators this week, we are seeing a lot of progress!"

"Right now we are teaching more non-member than less actives.. I would say we teach between 10-20 lessons a week, just depends on the week though!" 

"As far as area coverage, we each just have sections of the ward since each Spanish ward covers the whole stake boundary.. #divideandconquer.. so no we don't all just have free range of the whole stake haha :)  Our Spanish program is downsizing a bit so most Spanish wards have 6 missionaries (3 companionships) but us and Little River have 8 missionaries. They will shut down one more as well this transfer since we have 2 hermanas going home and none coming in.. so yup! We'll see what happens!! They could shut down one of the hermana areas here in sudley, but I doubt it cuz it's huge.. it'll probably be little river.. the elders in our apartment complex are elder justesen and coburn... I will send you a district pic when we take one ha!! :)"

Sorry if that was a little choppy!  I had to cut parts of it out for the privacy of the investigators.  She specifically asked if we would pray for her investigators and even though I can't give you names we would love it if you would still add her investigators to your prayers:)

Here are a couple of pics that were taken in celebration of Riah hitting her 1 year mark last week. We sent her a cake, frosting and candles for her birthday that she could make on her own time because we knew that the members would spoil her with cakes on her birthday.  So..she saved the cake and made it to celebrate her 1 year birthday in the mission!! In the pic with the cake the Hermana with her is Hermana Mugleston and she was one of the 6 roomies that Riah had in the MTC and went out to DC with her. They are serving in the same district so they got to celebrate their one year together:)

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