Monday, October 26, 2015

FALL IS HERE :) Oct 26, 2015

"Hey everyone!!

This past week has been super crazy, we have had a ton of random things this week!! It has been super fun though!! So Monday we went to DC and went to the Holocaust museum, it was really sad.. :( 

Tuesday we had Spanish Forum, which is just a big meeting the Spanish program gets to do every transfer, and I played a musical # (for those of you who were at my farewell, I played that version of "Come Thou Fount" ;)) 

On Friday we had a noche de hispanidad (Night of Hispanity? Hispanic Night.. yeah, Hispanic Night) which is basically just a night where everyone brings food and music and presentations from their countries and there are tons of tables set up and there are performances on the stage, it really is so much fun!! The missionaries participated in the Peruvian number and we came out and lip-sunc (sanc?) a song as if we were tourists.. it was complete gringo Spanish it was pretty funny... Then we had a member's son represent America and he did a hip hop dance.. dang, for those of you out there who appreciate hip hop you would have DIED!! It was super good!! 

Then on Sunday at church was the Primary program where all the kids sang, it was  super cute, I has the privilege of being able to play the piano for them, the spirit was definitely so strong!! Then Sunday night we had a Charla Fogonera (fireside), where people who have recently been baptized or are recently returning after not going to church for a while come and share their experiences and their testimonies, it was awesome! I was able to see a lot of people from my old area in Springlake and say hi to them, man, the people here really are just so awesome!! I love my mission!!

Welp, transfers are this week, and my companion, Hermana Christensen, is going home.. that's two in a row!! I will definitely miss her!! :( She will do great things tho!!

Thank you all for the love and support you provide, you are all incredible!! 

Next week we will be having a member of the 1st Quorum of the 70 come and speak to us, so our Pday is going to be next Thursday, so if you don't hear from me until then that is why!!

Scripture of the week: Moses 6:33-34, 39.. Inspired by my mom--look it up, read it, ponderize it!! #walkwithGod :)

Love you all!! Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!! :)
Hermana Riddle <3"

I asked Riah how the weather was there and also what her plans were for Halloween.  I was wondering if they still still wanted them to go out and teach that night. Here is what she said...

"It has been pretty cold here, I have had to break out the tights an boots some of the time.. and definitely jackets.. it really looks like fall here though!! I really can't believe Halloween is this week though either. My last Halloween was spent in the MTC! Weird!! Yeah, for Halloween we will just get together in the church buildings as zones after 6:00 pm and probably watch movies or something.. we don't know yet, we will probably find out on Thursday though what is happening for that.. Yeah they don't want us out though.."

She also mentioned that there is one other Hermana from the Spanish program going home along with her companion on Friday.  She said that there will be 13 Hermanas left and they are only allowed 12 Hermanas in the Spanish part of the mission.  In December (next transfer) they will be losing one more Hermana and that will leave them at 12.  Then in January they lose 2 more to bring them to 10 so she thinks they will be getting 2 more Hermanas in Jan but has no idea for sure until the time arrives.  They haven't had any new Hermanas for over 6 months I'd say..maybe longer. Riah's trainer goes home in January and she just can't believe it!

Riah said that they have people that are ready for baptism and that want to be baptized but one of the biggest challenges in the Spanish program is transportation to church and actually getting them to church because a lot of them work on Sundays.  So..please pray that they may be able to get something arranged for her investigators to be able to get consistent transportation to church and/or that they may be able to find a way to get Sundays off. 

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