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In His Hands-August 17, 2015

Hello all!

This week has been a week of much growth and learning on my mission. This week I have REALLY been able to see how the Lord puts us in people's paths/vice versa. Not that I haven't seen that throughout my whole mission, but this week I have a couple amazing stories to share.

So, while we were planning for the week last Friday, we planned to see one of our investigators that we haven't checked up on in FOREVER because she has just not been too interested, we planned to see her the following wednesday.. she has kind of an interesting work schedule so we didn't know if she would be home or if it would even be worth it to drive out and try since she lives a ways away but we felt prompted to do so so we stuck with it. We didn't tell her though because it would just be better if we stopped by. SO. We stop by on Wednesday and first of all SHE IS HOME. Second, she invites us in and we had SUCH a great discussion with her and towards the end she just starts getting super emotional and tells us, "you know what? I just find it no coincidence that you are here because earlier today I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and she asked me 'are you still talking with those mormon missionaries?'" She had told her 'Oh no that's done and over with, they haven't come in awhile and pretty sure no one from the church is going to be visiting me again.' She then told us "And then you show up to my house a few hours later. NO ONE has talked to me about the church since the last time I saw you, and now here you are again the DAY someone says something. I now know that God sent you here, and it's time that I listen and do what you ask me to do, because God is trying to communicate with me. I KNOW it, and I am just not listening!!" We talked a bit more and let her know how happy we were that we could be instruments in God's hands in being led there by the spirit to bring the true gospel unto her once again and the blessings that come with it into her life. She was super grateful and by the end after we prayed she was crying and filled with emotion and is making time in her schedule to meet with us more often. What a miracle!!

THEN. Yesterday (the day of church) as I was saying my prayers in the morning, I asked God boldly and with faith if He could just "please send somebody to the church today that is looking for the gospel that is prepared and needs it in their life." A few hours later we get a text from the elders in our district (who had been at the church building earlier in the day for some meeting) that said "MIRACLE. Found random family standing in front of the church doors who found the church on google and wanted to come and just showed up." They talked with them and the family stayed for church and is planning on going from here on out!! WHAT A BLESSING. 

I KNOW that prayer works, and I KNOW that our Father in Heaven is aware of us. Although I may be an amateur at prayer, and an amateur at life, I know that the more I strive to do what God would have me do that He will send miracles. I know that God has a GREAT PLAN. And that He did NOT send us here to fail. He sent us here to progress and to give us experiences that are testing and challenging but that help us grow. God will help us along the way! He does NOT expect us to be perfect, but to progress toward perfection. He does not expect us to be perfect BEFORE He will help us, because if we were we wouldn't need help!! God is aware of us. He is aware of me, He is aware of EVERY SINGLE ONE of His children, individually. And that means you. So reach out to Him. Love Him. And confide in Him. He will help you and guide you along. Of this I TESTIFY. I have experienced and seen WAY to many miracles firsthand in my life to deny the power behind this perfect gospel. At first I may not have recognized it, but as I have come closer and closer to my Savior Jesus Christ as I serve Him, I have been able to see things and people through His eye--and have learned to see the blessings, and appreciate everything I have been given the privilege to be a part of-- more than ever before.

I love all of you! And I mean it!! Every single one of you is a child of God and has such great potential! Keep being strong, and keep being awesome!!

Until next week :)

Hermana Riddle <3

We made bolivian ice-cream this week ;)

I sent Riah an article for her to read in her free time which I thought was sooo good.  It was an article on Mormon Buzz entitled "Why I stay a Mormon when many friends have left"  I'll attach the link if you are interested in reading it. It's kinda long but WELL worth the read. I add my testimony to the writers testimony.

Anyway, here is what Riah's response to the article was. 

"I LOVE the quote where it says "sometimes we are so concerned with the roots of the church that we tragically forget the look up and see the fruits of the church.." We need to focus on the fruits, because those fruits are what are going to bring us happiness--the happiness and joy that we promise to those we teach! The history and background of the church is good stuff, but it can only do so much as to give you information and that's it. WE MUST be willing to take that step and take it into our own hands and will to APPLY it and act in faith. We will NEVER know unless we test it out ourselves--God will tell us if it is wrong. God manifests truth unto us through the Holy Ghost, and if we start on a wrong path, but have a close relationship with God and a desire to do HIS will--He will guide us out and show us the right way, and when we are in the right way--as long as we seek His counsel, He will lead us along and help keep us there. We will know it!"

Riah just has a way of sharing her thoughts and feelings that really puts me in awe!  Love that girl:)

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