Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Take me out to the ball game! Aug 10, 2015

This week was a busy, fun, meeting filled week.  Here is what Riah had to say about it..

Hey all!!

Ok, so really not much time today, but this past week was SUPER nuts!! We had so many meetings, but also SO much good stuff happen!! So we had transfers but my WHOLE district is all staying together for one more transfer so that will be a lot of fun :) There is obviously a reason we are all still supposed to stay in this area!!

On Saturday we were able to go to the Washington Nationals baseball game. I don't have much to talk about it but lets just say that we were pooped afterwards!! It was our whole mission and we took the metro there and had some interesting things happen (you know how the metro is) haha and the game was super fun!! We took lots of pictures.. but here's just a few :) ha. One of them is of all the Spanish missionaries in our mission.

Well, I just want to let you know that I love you all, and sorry this is a short one, and for those of you I didn't quite get to respond to just know I love you and I love getting updates from each of you, even if I can't respond!! 

Before I go I just want to leave a quick thought with you all.. Go read 2 Nephi 32:3-5. If you have a question that NEEDS to be answered, do what it counsels in this scripture!! We must feast upon the words of Christ! (read the scriptures) They will tell us ALL the things we need to do!! And if we will pray sincerely we will be able to find solutions to all of our questions and concerns. 

I have really gained a stronger testimony of the three main things that keep us on the straight and narrow path that leads us to eternal life. Prayer, Scriptures, and going to Church. I know that as we do these things with full purpose of heart that we will be better able to face adversity with hope for the future as well as with a calm assurance that everything will work out in its own due time. God's plan is perfect!! We need to work hard to just let our pride go and trust it!! We cannot do ANYTHING of an eternal significance without God's help.. it is just not possible, because the human mind cannot comprehend eternity. Therefore we must trust God to help us understand what we need to do in this life order to make it a good one in the life after!! :) I love this gospel and am thankful for the glimpse of an eternal perspective that I have been able to gain through it as I do these three simple things.. CPR--Church, Pray, Read. That's it!!

It is my hope and prayer that you will all come to find out, if you haven't already, the true significance and importance of these things in life. I know that as you do, the blessings of the Lord will begin to pour out upon you and CPR will truly save your life!! ;) Haha

Until next time!!

Hermana Riddle :)


About the baseball game. Riah said that the Washington Nationals won..so that's good!  I guess they had a bunch of trouble with the metro on the way there and on the way home so they got home super late!  The whole entire DC South and DC North missions were there.  And..a friend told me that the Baltimore Maryland missionaries were there too!  How awesome is that to see all of those missionaries there?  

As Mariah mentioned her whole district stayed together for this transfer.  Here is what she told us about it..."They messed around with the WHOLE spanish program for transfers but they did not even TOUCH the Sudley district!! We for sure thought that Hna Mug was SO out and maybe me and Elder R.. But NOPE!! WE ALL STAYED. We were all freaking out that is UNHEARD OF. No missionary here has seen that their ENTIRE mission where a whole district stays!! We all obviously have a purpose here in Sudley as a district and it's time to figure it out!! We have some awesome plans and goals as a district this transfer so it will be cool to see what all pans out and what we all learn from it. We are all pretty close already as a district.

Mariah also mentioned that they won't be getting any new hermanas in her mission until January.  She said that by then 5 more hermanas will have gone home and 2 more will be going home in January!  She said that because the peak of missionaries has died down they won't be having as many missionaries in her mission as they have in the past.

If you know Riah well you know that she loves Miranda sings.  (If you don't know who that is go look her up on youtube). Well, when Mariah and Hermana Mensinger were together they would dress up like Miranda on P-day and do some funny Miranda videos. (They are both sooo good at talking like Miranda). She has sent some of them home but told us that she has a bunch that we will just have to wait and see when she gets home. 

Well, Riah told Kayla in her last email to her that one of the videos leaked out through airdrop and a bunch of the people in her mission have seen it now...including her MISSION PRESIDENT!!! She said it was a little embarrassing but she's all good with it.  I have a feeling that someone pulled the video out last P-day when they went to the mission home to have lunch with the Mission Pres and his wife.  They spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other that day so I have a feeling that is how it came up...hahaha.  I'm not sure what to think about that but it is what it is.  The mission pres now knows all about Mariah and her sense of humor. He would have found out sooner or later anyway...haha.  She is such a goof sometimes but she makes us all so happy:) With that said, it was P-day!  I know I have mentioned this before but some missionaries like to play sports on P-day, and some like to go shopping, hiking, or touring.  Well Mariah and Hermana Mensinger love to make funny videos singing and dancing to church music on their P-days.  It brings a smile to my face every time I see those videos.  LOVE THAT GIRL!! 

Below are some more pictures from the baseball game and some others that we got during the week.  Love, love, love getting pics!  We got a bunch more that were taken at this baseball game but there are just too many to post:)


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