Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Welp. Feb 01, 2016

"Hey all! Ok, sorry third week in a row... Short email again!

This past week was super crazy. So we finally were able to use our cars again after all the snow, it was NUTS. It has been a super emotional filled week though because my companion has been having a lot of health problems going on and has been fighting for a long time now, but now she's at the point of 2 Timothy 4:7 from the bible: "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." :( she will be on a flight home this Wednesday and it will be SO SAD. Not quite sure what's going to happen with me or my area yet but we will figure everything out! It's going to be super interesting though cuz I don't even know half the people here yet. I just got here! #backtosquare1

Well, we went to the Capitol building today which was SUPER awesome. I learned a lot! I love America! But at the same time..... Ya know.

I wish I could write more but ahh there's just no time! It seriously just flies faster and faster I don't even know what to do with myself!

Les quiero mucho! Hasta luego!

Hermana Riddle :)


2. So they are doing construction on the Capitol building right now so this is what the top tower looks like.. Haha. Who can find George Washington? ;)

3. Zone in Little River

Have a good one!"

Here are a couple more details she gave in her letter to me. She was answering a few questions that I asked her so sorry if it sounds a little bit choppy!

"So I really don't know a ton about the area, still new in it haha. It includes Falls Church, Burke, Springfield, Annandale and Fairfax. Had my first Sunday in church yesterday cuz of the storm this past week so I'm just barely starting to get to know the members... Yikes! 

It needs a lot of work just cuz we need new investigators and the members need a lot of strengthening here... It'll be a lot of work and I dunno if I'll be here long enough to see the fruits of my labors but we will pray for miracles!

As far as this area, I have heard rumors both bad and super good about this area, so I'm just going into it blindly (quite literally), which I believe is probably a lot better for this ward, and I'm ready to help strengthen it!

We email form different place every week, this week iPads cuz we're going to DC, but we have computers in our community room at our apartment, and we also go to the library sometimes. It just depends where we are and what we are doing that day.

We live out side our area (in Alexandria) cuz it got dangerous last transfer for the Hermanas where they used to live in Annandale, so we moved into the Old Town Spanish area but we still work in little River. But we only drive like 10 mins to church!

We'll probably go to Mt Vernon at the end of February just cuz if we go on Washingtons B-day it's free and we get t-shirts! Otherwise I think it's like $17 or something. 

Yes I do play the piano quite a bit on my mission, ha it's usually just random sporadic times when they need someone last min. I couldn't say I play every week, but in Sudley I did haha."

I sent Riah the following picture of Hermana Peabody's mom, Muglestons mom and me that we took when they came over this past week:) Below the pic was Riah's response...

"Yeah it'll be fun having reunions and all when we get back!"

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