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Transfers and Loads of SNOW!! Jan 26, 2015

Riah's P-day was changed to Tues this week because of the snow storm they received over the weekend.  They were hoping for one more day to be able to get all of the snow cleared out so they would be able to drive.  Her group email was short again this week as she ran out of time trying to get pics and videos downloaded. The pics and videos failed to send so we only ended up with 4 pictures. But..that's better than nothing.  She will send more next week hopefully!  Her emails to mom and dad provided a little more information so I will share some of that on this blog as well:)  Here is her group email..

"Hey all!!

Wow, the past 6 weeks REALLY flew, I can't believe we just had transfers again. Sorry for the quick email last week, but it's probably gonna happen again this week haha!! There's just a lot that's going to have to wait til after I can tell y'all in person :)

So I actually got transferred AGAIN this transfer!! (She lives in Alexandria and her new companion is Hermana Craner-from Arizona..I think) I was only able to spend 6 weeks in my last area but that's ok!! I am excited to be able to take on a new area!! I love the mission! Biggest news of this past week well haha winter storm Jonas passed through and we haven't been able to use our cars for a while because of all the snow.. it started around 1 pm on Friday and snowed all the way through Saturday into midnight.. we got SO MUCH SNOW. I have never seen so much in my life! It's cuz we have no mountains here to catch it haha :)

It was so bad that church was cancelled on Sunday, but we were able to do a mini little sacrament meeting with the other 4 elders and 2 sisters that live in our complex!! It was fun and super different!!
Sorry I'm out of time! More to come next week!! :)"

The following is from the email  that she wrote to me:)

"So, we have had a bit of downtime.. Saturday was SO bad pretty much all the missionaries had to just stay inside. We went outside for a little bit though...HAHAHAHA man I have never seen so much snow in my LIFE. Seriously, this storm was SO much worse than last year! And HA now on the roads (we just barely are allowed to use our cars again today, but just during the day not at night..) there is only like one lane open on 3 lane roads cuz there is just SO much snow, like MOUNDS and no where to put it!! Next week we're supposed to be in like the 50s though so it will probably all melt.. ha but LUCKY we didn't have to dig our car out :) Our complex here where I am (yeah, can't believe I got transferred still!! I'll tell you more about that in a sec) has an underground parking garage so #lucky #blessed #spoiled :)

We helped push some people out though that were stuck in the roads and we trucked it through the snow walking.. we live outside our area cuz they just recently moved since where they lived before was kinda sketch and getting a little dangerous. So to walk to the closest place in our area would have been like 8 miles.. which would NOT have worked, we would not even have been able to make it! So we got permission to proselyte around here, and we actually do have an investigator that lives semi-close so we were able to walk to him and his family's house and talk with people/help people on the way!! :)"

We sent Riah a copy of the two pictures above that a member in DC posted to the DC missionary mom's Facebook account. Here was her response to those pics..and she included the following picture of a car on the side of the road. Wow!!

"HAHA yeah that nieve looks about right.. "

Riah said that the area she is in needs a lot of missionary work. She said that she is up to the task and is excited to help get this area up and running. Hopefully they will be able to find more investigators. She said there are very few right now. Please pray for her and her comp to be able to find prepared people:) 

Here is a picture of all the Hermanas (except 2) on transfer day.

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