Wednesday, March 9, 2016

HOLY COW- Feb 22, 2016


This week has been LOADED with miracles!! Ahh!! Where to start?? I really wish I could just tell you all everything!

Well, I'll just start with a few funny things that happened this week... haha. We went on exchanges and I was with Hermana Bliss... haha, we were knocking doors and HA like an hour later we go back to our car and it's GONE. Long story short we got TOWED. A few phone calls, hours, rides and $160 later we were able to retrieve our car and make a funny story out of it. :) Next funny story so we drove into DC practically last night, which is outside of our mission.... haha, we missed an exit on the way home and it took us to the airport which is basically on the Potomac River borderline and this cop turned his lights on and made us stop... He could tell we were confused... but--he pointed us back in the right direction so we were able to make it home safe and sound!! Ok, last story.. this one's for you dad!! Long story short one night our blender smelt like it was burning, basically blew out, we immediately pulled it off, held it over the sink, and the bottom just fell off.. 1/2 a tub of ice cream GONE. ((If you are in my family you know how sad that is...))

As for miracles, I'll just begin with Tuesday. So we met a kid named _______ who is 14 years old and is AWESOME. He wants to come to church but unfortunately wasn't able to come yesterday.. he wants to be baptized so we asked him to pray about the 19th of March and he said yes!!! Yay!! We also have another investigator who's the son in a family that  is getting sealed in the temple in April and he will also be baptized in March :) His name is _______!!

With that being said, we also were able to have a couple AMAZING lessons with ____, who is around our same age and is the son of a member who went and picked him up from Peru and brought him here a few weeks ago!! We were sitting in the church with him and his dad on Friday night and were just discussing some things when all of the sudden he started to bear an amazing, powerful testimony expressing his thoughts and feelings about what we were teaching and his experience with the church for the past 2 weeks that he has been here. He was talking about how he feels he has found what he has been looking for, even though he didn't even know he was looking for it, and that he has never felt a desire to go to church in the past but that he has such a desire to learn and doesn't doubt that the Book of Mormon comes from God! As he was talking he said, "I don't know if my dad knows this, but something I've dreamed is that I'll be able to one day wear my own plaque with Jesus Christ's name on it and represent Him as a missionary. I want to be able to one day do that." We were all just left in shock, and it brought tears to all of our eyes. The spirit was SO STRONG in the room I can't even describe it, and everyone was just smiling.

Ahh, the power of missionary work. I can testify to you all that this mission has not been mine. The best way I can think of to put it is as Jesus said: "For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me." I can honestly say that I have been TRULY blessed on my mission to understand the authority and power of my calling. It is a calling that is truly beyond my own comprehension, and I know it comes from God. I have felt the help of the Lord as I look back through every moment on my mission. There are times where we may feel alone and we feel as though we have turned to God for answers, but that they aren't coming. I can say that I have felt this way and I know we all have--BUT. Something I do know is that as we look back we will eventually ALWAYS be able to figure out the purpose and meaning behind everything we have gone through in this life, whether it be us looking back the next day, month, year, or even if necessary the next life--we will see the purpose of it all. I trust God and His judgment and KNOW that He knows what is best for us, for He contains all wisdom!!

Well I love you all, and I hope this was sufficient for this week!! Sorry about the past few haha!!

Hermana Riddle ;)

Ok so first pic is that front taco is the cow tongue one from last week.. it wasn't too bad!! My comp ate the brain soo....

Second pic is of me and Hermana bliss after we got towed... as you can tell we laughed it off haha.. whoops.

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