Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hey all!!

Short on time again! Things are just zooming by out here in DC!! 

They just changed our Stake Presidency this past week cuz the Old Stake President, President Bush got called to be mission president in Honduras!! So this past weekend we had stake conference and had some general authorities come from the quorum of the 70s, Elder Sinclair and Elder Echohawk. They were awesome!!

Quick story though. So we got another snowfall today and couldn't drive our cars, but it's still P-day right and we live OUT of our area. Well, it's Washington's bday today and we have been planning to go to Mt Vernon since it is free today, and when we found out we couldn't use our cars we were super bummed. Well, we were DETERMINED so we went down to our leasing office to look up bus routes and the Spanish Elders that live in the same complex as us that actually work in our area were there, and then our District Leader called us and happened to be out here too! So we all just called up the mission leader from the Old Town ward and he was like sure let's go! But with a rule we have as sister missionaries we have to be in the car with someone who is a female of 18 yrs or older if there are going to be males in the car. So we called a member that lives close and she came with us too!! We all just piled in in Jorge's huge van and it was HILARIOUS. We all made it to Mt Vernon and there was tons of snow and everything but we all had a blast haha.

Then we went and ate Tacos de Lengua. (That's cow tongue..) They were super good!!

Sorry this is super short and not all that uplifting but thought I'd just let you all know I am still alive and breathing and all is well here in the mission! Loving every second of it!!

Les quiero mucho!!
Hermana Riddle :)

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