Monday, November 3, 2014

Aside from all the silliness....Week 3

So..Mariah's week three email entailed a bunch of silliness!  Its nice to know that Mariah is keeping her sense of humor.  We all knew that Mariah would bring a lot of joy and laughter to her companions and to those she comes in contact with. She really is a funny girl.  From her email she says "Umm.. This week I fell out of my desk because it was unstable and flipped forward.. and yesterday I was doing a headstand in the apartment which I probably shouldn't have been doing anyways but I was with two of the other sisters from my district who I'm super close with and apparently I didn't see the corner of the wall on the way back down and smacked my knee SO HARD. Haha I was dying laughing and so were they but now I have a bruise. It's fine though, one of the sisters was like, "Oh my gosh!! That could've seriously been something on a vine!!" But she got to see it live so.. real good."  

Mariah has always been very entertaining..we miss her happy, silly, personality so it is fun to at least get to experience some of it in her letters. Anything to get a laugh.

Also, in Mariah's email she sent the picture below and said this about it  "mom, you'll think this is funny.. so I sing in the choir but this week I sang in sacrament.. yeah dont even ASK how I got in that predicament, never in my LIFE did I think that would happen, but these are the girls I sang with and the blonde one (Hma Mugleston) played the piano.."

I seriously laughed out loud when I read that she had been talked into singing in the choir,  She actually has a really good voice but never would I have thought that she would have been talked into singing in sacrament with just a few girls either.  I guess the mission has stretched her in ways we never thought possible:)  Also, notice in the pic that Mariah just has to be the silly one....

In her email she also wrote about being able to attend a devotional given by Carlos Godoy from the 70.  She attached the picture below and said this about it, "AWESOME guy.. ha funny story we weren't really supposed to get a pic with him but we'll save that for another day.." 

I'm not sure what happened with that but we received a letter that week that went into much detail about the devotional that she attended.  I'm attaching the letter below so that you can see what an amazing experience she is having in the MTC,  

When we received this letter it just brought tears to my eyes.  It's so awesome to see that Mariah just gets it! She knows why she is out on a mission.  I just can't even express how happy it makes us when we see her walking in righteousness and sharing her light with others. I am so glad that she is growing and gaining a stronger witness each and everyday of the reasons she chose to go on a mission.  As she says that she will always cherish the letters we send to her- I will truly cherish this letter that she sent to us.  If all we got was the email that she sent we would have thought that her week was all a bunch of silliness,  But, aside from all the silliness, you can see that she is an AMAZING girl!!

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