Monday, November 3, 2014

First Day, First Companion, First District

On the first day that Mariah was in the MTC October 8, 2014, they asked her to write a letter home. Below is the letter she sent to us!  All day long we were wondering what she was doing after we dropped her off so I was so glad that she explained in good detail what she was doing. It was so nice to be invited into her day and feel of her spirit. 

Her first email to us contained this picture of her and her 1st new companion. What cute girls!

Below is a picture of her district! They all live within 30 mins of each other and have gotten so close already.  They have plans to reunite after their missions:) 3 of them are going to Washington DC with Mariah though.

I am so grateful that we get to hear from Mariah often!  Modern technology is amazing!  Mariah is having such a wonderful experience in the MTC so far! So good to hear!!

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