Monday, November 3, 2014

Moving on out! Week 4

Week 4- All of the missionaries that were living in the West Campus MTC had to MOVE OUT! She moved out on Oct 29th so we got to hear from her that day as well. I am not exactly sure why they moved out but I believe it was just temporary housing until they got some of the rooms in the main MTC remodeled to be able to accommodate more missionaries.  She and the groups there with her were the last of the missionaries to live in the West MTC; so someone at the MTC took a picture that they are going to keep and hang up in the MTC FOREVER! (As Mariah says..haha) Here is a pic of Mariah and the girls in her district ready to move. Boy do they have a lot of luggage!!

Mariah had an extremely loaded week. She was able to hear from the General Primary President-Rosemary M Wixom.  This is what she had to say about her talk.. "It was AMAZING the things she said, so inspiring!! Also, it's really cool that her and her husband used to be the mission pres and wife over the DC South mission! We wanted to talk to them, but didn't end up getting to, which is fine :) She talked about "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" song in the Primary Children's songbook, go look it up everyone it is SO powerful! We all sang it, and although I have been singing it all my life, the lyrics never really hit me so hard until now. #histruthiwillproclaim

It seems as if she did have a little time to snap a few fun pics. Here are some cute pics that Mariah took with some of the sisters in her district.


Some feelings that Mariah shared from her email this week:

"Jesus Christ is the example of a perfect life. I know that. With that being said, a perfect life doesn't involve ALL easy things. He went through harder things than ANY of us had to bear, and ON TOP OF IT went through everything that everyone in the history of the world has to bear. (When thinking of this, I feel snobby for EVER complaining of ANYTHING in my life.) Just know that if you are ever struggling with anything, to turn to Christ. Pray for His help and He will guide you. He knows. I know it. 

This life isn't about living for yourself--if everyone in this world revolved around their "own self," there wouldn't even really be people on this earth, we wouldn't be able to even function! SELFLESS sacrifice is what brings TRUE happiness. Just remember that. This is another reason why I decided to serve a mission. I want the happiness that comes from this gospel. I want OTHERS to feel that happiness that comes from this gospel and the selfless sacrifice of our Savior for the world."

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