Tuesday, December 22, 2015

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!-Dec 21, 2015

"Hello everyone!!

I'm sure you have already been hearing this from everyone else but MAN I cannot believe it is already Christmas again!! I LOVE being a missionary during this time of year, and am SO sad that it is my last!! Christmas on the mission truly is the best :) 

Ok, so A LOT has happened this week. Like, SO MUCH. We have been so busy we haven't even had time to think! But, I am SO grateful for the Lord's work and the opportunity I have to be a part of it!! 

On Monday we went to the DC temple visitors center and had a blast. Really, if you haven't been to temple square in Salt Lake to see the lights yet GO. Tuesday we had the opportunity to go share the #ASaviorIsBorn campaign at the metro station, and it was SO fun. I loved being able to share my testimony with so many through action! I also just love the true spirit of Christmas and just seeing the joy in people's faces as we even just say hi or Merry Christmas to them, or even just a smile! Little things go a LONG way!!

Thursday an amazing thing happened, so us and another set of elders stopped by at the church to meet up with a member really quick who ended up having to leave super fast, but he gave each of us missionaries a HUGE bag individually of gifts, which was SO thoughtful! With just fun Christmas things and A LOT of food! #hispanicculture. Well, when we were about to leave this random lady walked in who isn't a member of the LDS church and asked if she could get some help. She was running SUPER low on gas and didn't have any money but needed to get home, and said that out of all the places to pull into she just happened to look at the church when we were walking in and was like "oh thank goodness they're open!!" haha. So she came in and long story short she told us her life story and basically expressed to us that even though she has so little she is SO grateful to God for what she DOES have. Well the Elders just volunteered to have her follow them over to the gas station to pay for her gas and were able to have more conversation with her. We all gave her our gifts we had been given for her kids to have this Christmas, and it really was just such a neat experience. Something you can't put into words. Again, sharing testimony through action is the BEST way to
feel our Savior's love as we help other feel the same!!

Friday we had our Mission Christmas Conference which was spectacular!! I wish I could describe everything but the last couple hours we always have a talent show where missionaries sign up and they make a program for missionaries to be able to share the things they love!! Haha the whole Spanish program all asked to borrow traditional clothing from the members of our wards to be able to perform a number FELIZ NAVIDAD. Haha, they asked me to choreograph for it and I did, but.... missionaries+dancing+notime=funny. So I will have to show you all that video when I get home hahahaha :) :)

On Sunday we were able to see our beautiful investigator Sindi be get baptized. It was SUCH an amazing moment, words cannot describe the Spirit that was felt there. She is an AWESOME person, I wish you all could meet her. We were standing in the side waiting for her to get out of the font, and when they opened the curtains to the font you could just SEE the light and warmth radiating onto her and that our Heavenly Father was SO pleased with her with this covenant and promise she was to make with Him. We are so excited for her to be able to be confirmed as a member next Sunday and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!

This past week has been filled with a few practices as well for the performance we will be doing on Christmas Eve at the DC Temple Visitor's Center. I've been helping out with extra sound effects on the keyboard and will be playing that and one of the full songs on it that night. It should be super fun! I wish you guys could come haha. BUT. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve and a CHEERY Christmas with your families this week!! 

I love you all and just remember that our Savior does too! That because he was born he was able to complete all that he was sent here by his Father to do. To heal us all. May we all remember the Spirit of CHRISTmas this week as we celebrate the birth of our Savior and Redeemer!! :)

Les amo mucho!!!

Hermana Riddle :)

PS Sorry for the blurriness on the pics!!"

This last picture shows the comparison from last years Mission Christmas Conference to this years. (The smaller pic is last year) These girls came out of the MTC into the mission together. Hermanas Mugleston, Riddle, and Pettit. Beautiful girls!! 

Here are just a couple of other things that Mariah shared in answer to some of my questions...

"We have been to the visitors center a lot lately, either working there or bringing investigators there. It is nice cuz we are the area that lives the closest to it. (She is like 25 mins away) It is SUCH an awesome tool and brings SUCH a spirit during this season of the festival of lights!! It makes me miss SL temple lights and makes me wonder HOW hectic it must be for the missionaries working there right now.. CRAZY!! But I will have to take you guys out here during the Christmas season cuz it is BEAUTIFUL.

UH.. It would take a while to explain to you the responsibilities as STL through email, so I'll just save that for later, haha. We don't travel around too much really, just more meetings and places to be. We switch off driving cuz as STLs that's just how it is. Every other day! Dang I wish we had snow!!! It doesn't even really feel like Christmas here!! It's like 62 degrees outside today!!"

We are so excited to be able to talk to Riah on Christmas!! Can't wait! I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa! :)

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