Thursday, January 21, 2016

DC!! Jan 18, 2016

Hey everyone, short on time today cuz we are going to downtown DC!
Transfers are this week and my comp Hna Mugleston and I are really hoping to stay together, but we will find out tomorrow night. I love you all and will write more next week!
Alma 37:6- do the small and simple things. You will see great things happen!! :)
Hermana Riddle :)
We had an awesome "Endure to the End" meeting with all the missionaries who will be going home within the next 4 months, and we got to sign a flag that the mission will keep through the three years that President and Sister Huntsman are here, committing to endure to the end and hold nothing back, to give it all we've got!! :)

All 6 of these missionaries are going home on the same day. 4 of these girls are coming home to Utah:)

Even though this letter is short..Jared and I both got some very detailed letters from her this week. She has been having to take care of a bunch of stuff for college, Mexico, Dr appts, tests and such for her diabetes. So.. she hasn't had a lot of time to just take a break and have some downtime on P-days. She said she has never been so busy or worked harder on her mission than she has in the past few weeks! She goes to bed absolutely exhausted every night. She is loving it though. Talk about enduring to the end..I'm so proud of her!

Here is something she shared with Jared this past week..

"The mission really is a fight, but it is SO rewarding. I have loved every second, the good, the bad, and am ready to take on more! The more the Lord gives me the stronger I know I am going to become going through it. There are a lot of times I feel on the verge of crying, because I REALLY don't want to leave my mission. A few tears just tolled down my cheek at this moment actually. I have put SO much love and effort into everything here and I feel as though the reason WHY behind all of the things I am doing, filling my day being super busy running around and trying to help as many people as I can all stems back to that love I have for them."

Here are a few more pics of our happy missionary. 

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