Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sorry!! Jan 11, 2016

Here is some other info that she sent in her email to me...

We had MLC (mission leadership conference) this past week and a lot is changing. First of all, Transfer meetings are now banned worldwide, so um, president Hunstman was 6 months ahead of the game haha #inspired man. Second, we have now a new rule that we can't use iCloud photo sharing at all cuz it is getting out of hand with some missionaries.... :( I know it is kind of a bummer but it'll only be 3 months so yeah. Then we had a lot of other things change for our mission but not too drastic in affecting things at home... OH. Except for yeah I guess that Hermana Pettit talked with Sis Anderson in the office and we are for sure confirmed going home the 22nd of April... so, with that being said I should be getting my info and papers to fill out this Wednesday for my flight plans cuz we have a meeting for those of us who are going home within the next three transfers that they do every three transfers. The meeting is called the "enduring to the end" meeting, and it just happens to fall on the week that we would be getting our flight plans so I'll have to let you know for sure. That is so weird that the church or mission hasn't said anything to you yet though!! We haven't formally been told even though either so yeah...

They have a baptism scheduled for Feb 7th.  She said they are crazy busy and teaching a lot of people right now! She and her companion have been sick this past week but they've just been plowing through it. She also said this..."We have seen so many miracles but also CRAZY things lately.. Satan is REAL and is trying HARDER today more than ever.. he is getting stronger and stronger in his influence on people and it is just so sad. But we have been able to help a lot of people!!"

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