Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello 2016!! Jan 4, 2016

Hey all!

This week was absolutely amazing. Time is FLYING. Aw man, we have so much work in our area there is literally no time to just THINK. But we are grateful for all the blessings the Lord has given us and the miracles we have been able to witness firsthand!

This past week we had interviews with our mission president, which went super well and we also went on exchanges with Hermanas Pettit and Peabody, who have both been my companions before! PLUS I got to go back to Springlake, my first area, which was super fun!! Didn't get to see any of my people but still good to be back in the area for a day :)

This past week we started the New Year off with a bang and  had a new years "party"/activity and played a volleyball tournament with our zone that got super intense, as well as watched Ephraim's Rescue. If you are in the mood for cheesy and a reality check then this is the perfect movie for you. I can't believe how much the pioneers TRULY sacrificed in order make it here to follow God and make it here to the Salt Lake Valley.

Speaking of sacrifice and the New year, what are YOU willing to sacrifice in order to make this year better? What are you willing to let go of from the year 2015 that is going to make you stronger this year and more capable to reach your full potential? This morning we did an activity with a recent convert in our ward (Angel) and the 1st counselor from the bishopric (Dany), which trust me from the picture below, Angel doesn't normally look like that hahaha we died when we saw this picture... but the activity was where we wrote all of the things we wanted to let go this year from 2015, tied it on a balloon filled with helium, and LET THEM GO. Time to start fresh!! :) I am so grateful for this new year and the opportunity we have through Jesus Christ to START OVER and reach our full potential! Let's make 2016 an awesome one!! :)

Hermana Riddle :)

PS we took a picture for the end of 2015 and were supposed to take a 2016 one the next day but we forgot.. so.. happy goodbye 2015 everyone :)

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