Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Homeward Bound-April 18, 2016 (She's coming home!)

The gospel changes lives. As I have had the opportunity to sit back and reflect a bit on the whole course of my mission, it has really put into perspective for me that God has a plan. EVERY single little thing is of great significance. I have been able to notice how well everything truly does twine together. As long as one is living righteously and going forward in the work with good intentions, everything that happens is for a reason. And that even if its not recognized at the moment as great significance, those moments can turn into personal revelation, a testimony that God exists and that His plan of salvation in which we are part of is perfect. I have seen examples of this time and time again on my mission, where I have been able to look back at the beginning of my mission or even at my life before the mission and realize that God was preparing me for the experiences and things I would face each day and the opportunities that would be given me.

 Although I have been blessed to see many of the people I have taught on my mission enter into the waters of baptism, an example I would like to share of seeing the plan God truly laid out is about a less active I taught in my first area. It all started in the MTC, one of my teachers, who had just happened to serve in the Washington DC South Mission not too long before gave me and the 2 other Hermanas lists of people he remembered and taught on his mission that we HAD to meet. :) When I arrived in my first area I asked my trainer if she knew one of the names I had on the list for that area, Springlake. She said she didn't recognize the name but that we could try her. Turns out she was an inactive due to work issues, and that slowly she had distanced herself from the church, 1, 2, then a few years. We worked with her a lot and I was able to find such a love for her and desire to help her, that we were able to be bold with her and promise her that if she would quit her job on Sunday's that the Lord would provide, and a better option would present itself--Alma 32:21. 

Come to find out a few weeks later she quit her job and had gotten her "dream" schedule at a different job and was able to come to church on Sunday's again! As she was reactivated and became stronger and stronger and I was transferred out of the area, the other Hermanas were able to work with her and were able to teach and baptize her daughter, and are in the process of helping them get to the temple! At a new and returning member fireside not too long ago she was able to bare her testimony of both finding the gospel and being baptized, falling away and then returning again. What a sweet experience that was to see her and hear those amazing words. I will never forget the impact being a missionary has had on my life. For I know that as we truly lose ourselves in the service of our God, that we will FIND ourselves and we will eventually be able to stand at the right hand of God one day, having finished our course. 
    I love each and everyone of you. Sorry no pics this week, but I look forward to seeing you all! 

   Con todo mi coraz√≥n,

   Hermana Mariah Riddle ❤️
   Washington DC South Mission
   October 2014-April 2016

Riah went to Great Falls this P-day.  Didn't get any pics this week but Hermana Peabody's mom saved me once again.  We have to do that for each other every once in a while:) 

AHHH!! I can't believe our missionary is coming home:)  What a sweet letter. Brought tears to my eyes just thinking of this being the last missionary email that I will be receiving from her!  I will truly miss looking forward to an email from this beautiful missionary every Monday but I will cherish the time I get to hold her in my arms again.

For all of you reading her blog. THANK YOU!  Thanks for all the support you have been to Hermana Riddle.  She loves you and so do we!

I will post again when I get a chance after she returns home. For now, I can't believe this is over. On to new adventures!!

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