Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mt Vernon- April 4, 2016

Hello everyone!

Ok, so I know you all probably want to kill me with how short my emails have been the past few weeks but things have just been super busy and it's been hard to find time! BUT--Things have been going super well and amazing, general conference was AWESOME.. if you missed any of he sessions PLEASE go watch them. Those people who talk in general conference are truly inspired people and can point us in the right direction in our lives!

Well here are some pics from today! Learned a lot today and I'm super grateful for this country despite the setbacks that it sometimes may have!

I love serving as a missionary here, and I love YOU!!

Hermana Riddle :)

Hermana Peabody's mom sent me this photo that she got this week.  Things are winding down for Riah. She is so busy and I am grateful for that.  Lets me know that she is pushing it to the end.  Just over 2 weeks and we'll have this cute Hermana home! Can't wait!!

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